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Earth Day: The Secret of Water

Ready for Earth Day 2023?


After the 2022 celebration of Earth Day (4/22/22), I started thinking about water and what it would mean if we didn’t have clean water to use in our everyday lives. This blog article includes some information I found that made me very grateful that I have filtered water to drink every day.

Water is the most common substance on Earth

like the human body, the Earth maintains a constant amount of water. If the quantity of water is reduced, or one of its amazing features is changed, then life on Earth will cease to exist. Just like you, Earth is a living, dynamic being. It has veins and arteries with water flowing through them, which is connected to one thriving heart, the ocean. Water evaporates and returns through the hydrologic cycle as rain falls on mountain tops, forming veins and arteries that return to the ocean. It is this constant circulation that keeps the planet alive. Like the surface of the Earth, we are 70% water, along with a heart and 60,000 miles of veins and arteries; like our planet, it’s water that gives us life. 

The system of the universe exists as a single, perfect organism. All of its parts, including our Earth and us, are inseparably bound by huge information streams. Water plays a key role in exchanging information on our planet. Our Earth is a giant container of water in which all forms of life arise, and every living thing is a container of water. Depending on age, a human comprises 70 to 90% water. As adults, we should consume ½ of our body weight in ounces of water each day to sustain normal life functions. Another 1.5 liters of water is absorbed through the skin during bathing or showering. Scientists have not yet answered the question as to why water can exist in 3 different states, liquid, solid and gaseous. Why does water have the highest surface tension of all liquids? Why is it the most powerful solvent on Earth? And how, in defiance of the Earth’s gravity, water rises through the trunks of gigantic trees against tens of atmospheric pressure? 

What is water? 

Viktor Schauberger’s (1885-1958), a water researcher, thinks water is a living substance, and if treated poorly, it can die. Schauberger believed water is born in the forest, falls as rain, and filters down. Through the rocks, gathering minerals and trace elements until arriving at the surface as a spring. At this point, water is full of mother’s substances, ready to provide life. Its vitality depends on how it flows or is forced to flow. Our systems for moving and processing water are designed from the point of view that water is merely a fluid without life or energy, so we don’t care how it is treated. We make water flow along straight channels through cylindrical devices and other shapes that are never found in nature. We ignore water’s natural path. Spiral patterns and arrangements are all around us in the forms of galaxies, cyclones, and tornadoes. These spirals are everywhere in nature which has chosen these formations because they represent the law of constant change. If we want to create a system for moving water that allows it to remain vital and alive, we must provide the opportunity for water to breathe. 

Water Flow Forms

Schauberger’s research on water revitalization inspired the development of flow forms, a series of formed basins that allow water to flow into figure eight vortical movements, causing the water to pulsate rhythmically. The type of movement in flow forms simulates a mountain stream energizing, restructuring, and oxygenating water. Flow forms mimic nature’s flowing movement, plus simulate the heart rhythms, helping to refresh and reharmonize water. Have you ever noticed in nature that rivers and streams always flow along a smoothly curving course, but any water system has multiple right-angle turns? Vortical treatment of harmonic frequencies effectively eliminates undesirable information remaining in water after removing physical pollutants. Water makes a long, difficult journey before arriving in our homes. Our water systems have many right-hand turns, so the water begins to break down more and more with each turn. Water from a water supply system that flows into our homes through pipes has crystals of various forms, but they are all deformed with no symmetry or beauty. 

Living Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a water researcher in Japan, has been forming crystals for 15 years. His test concluded that living water forms beautiful hexagonal crystals, and less deep or dead water doesn’t form hexagonal shapes. What concerned him was that water from big cities tends not to form beautiful crystals. When water travels in the city, it collects negative information from the people and pollution. Also, the more chlorine in the water, the fewer crystals can form. We also have pipes that make lots of turns. Imagine if you were water, you might want to die with all this unnatural and forced movement. For instance, Alloys Gruber, an Austria researcher, says water flowing in a floor-paneled heating system is devitalized and rotten. It sucks the energy out of the people, plants, and animals living in that house, actually stealing the energy. 

It is well known that the water system in many cities is a closed loop system. After undergoing aggressive chemical purification and passing through powerful filters, the water in these systems is returned to our homes still remembering the chemicals and violence it was subjected to. There are over 100,000 artificial chemicals, including pharmaceuticals, birth control pills, toiletries, and household cleaners. When the liver removes these toxins from our bodies, they are flushed down the toilet into the sewer, where many pass intact to our sewer treatment facilities and filters and are recycled back into our municipal water system for us to consume once again. 

Even stronger is the informational pollution that the water accumulates as it flows down miles of long pipes through thousands and thousands of houses and apartments. Alloys Gruber believes that we pollute water spiritually, which happens on a huge scale. Why? Because water adopts all the hatred, malice, and stress. The water is almost dead by the time it enters our bodies. Dr. Masaru Emote says he would like people to know through his research that water has memory. 

Water - Ice Crystals

Ice crystals do not develop two-dimensionally but rather three-dimensionally from the center to the edges. Water from natural sources, unlike tap water, provides a wide range of crystalline formations. These formations allow a peek into the life and health of the water. Living water in good condition produces beautiful hexagonal crystals. In crystal form, water reflects the power of intention behind our words. If water gets sick or dies, what we see changes dramatically. When water is exposed to a computer, a television, hard rock music, a microwave oven, or a cell phone, it forms a distorted dark crystal. The basic principle in the universe is vibration which the principle of resonance can create. Without resonance, vibration doesn’t exist, which is the universe’s truth. In a quantum world, very small units of things resonate with each other, and that’s how they affirm themselves. So, we can reconfirm the existence of things by seeing them through this resonance theory.  

Feedback From Researchers

Max Planck

Max Planck is the chief researcher in a laboratory of water structure research in Russia. He says that everything is a wave. In other words, when we write a word on a piece of paper and apply it to water, we can see that the water crystal changes its form. It means a transformation of the water itself under the influences of frequencies we emit with this word. 

Dr. Emote

The first word Dr. Emote’s research team exposed the water to was “Arigatou,” Japanese for “thank you.” They found that words of beauty created beautiful crystals and gentle words manifested delicate crystals. In crystal form, water reflects the power of intention behind our words. In 1995, Dr. Emote was the first to record musical impressions on water, presenting water with different types of music like Mozart’s Little Night Music, Beethoven’s Symphony #9 or more contemporary music like Sting’s Fragile. The water is then frozen and placed under a microscope. You could clearly see the crystals the water had formed, creating stunning crystals, each as different as a snowflake. Snowflakes are another example of water’s hexagonal geometry. Each one is created by the conditions in which it grows. No two are the same despite the billions of snowflakes that fall each year. The life of a snowflake begins high in the atmosphere. The lone droplet freezes into a tiny ice bead, which then expands into a hexagonal base. Each of its six corners starts to grow a branch creating a very complex pattern. Physicists have calculated that the number of possible ways to grow a snowflake far exceeds the total number of all atoms in the universe. 

If you expose water to various sound frequencies using a technology called a toposcope, you can observe various patterns emerging in its structure. As you increase the frequency at certain key thresholds and the entire pattern morphs into a new resonant pattern, which is a more complex expression of the base frequencies. 

Water, humans, and plants respond to vibrant energy as your cell phone does when it picks up a call. Human beings and water can respond to particular frequencies and energies. You can build up tremendous energy and have tremendous effects. Water perceives every change in thought or mood. The brightest of these vibrational currents is created by love. The power of this emotion is reflected in the word itself. 

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a Doctor of Science and professor at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, says our mind is related to our central nervous system. And when we have some emotions, or we have some thoughts, they directly affect not only our nervous system but our whole body. First, it flows through the blood, then through the vegetative system or what is now known as the autonomic nervous system (ANS). So our thoughts and emotions change the whole body’s condition. 

Visionary and artist Leonardo da Vinci came to the same conclusion. “Human emotions are water, he wrote in his notes, and the forms taken by the body determine the human character.” Every seed and every embryo begin its life exclusively in water. Amniotic fluid plays a role in the embryo’s development and preservation. The amniotic fluid of a pregnant woman is clustered water. Under the microscope, it looks like clearly formed groups of molecules. You get the impression that the water is trying to protect the life inside, directing all the forces of the mother’s body to its protection and development. It was discovered that the cells of a newborn also contain such water. When rapidly frozen and seen under 20,000-fold magnification, it was proven to be a crystal of incredible beauty. 

Nassim Haramein  

Nassim Haramein, a physicist and author of “The Origin of Spin” in the theory of relativity says water is the fundamental element of life and is the telephone to the universe. The way we feel, the way we act, the way we process our emotions are going to have an impact on the water inside our body and the world as a whole. 

Dr. Emote conducted another ground-breaking experiment. He placed rice in 3 beakers and covered them with water, and every day for a month, he said thank you to one beaker, you’re an idiot to the second beaker, and the third beaker, he completely ignored. After one month, the rice began to ferment and give off a strong, pleasant aroma. The rice in the second beaker turned black, and the ignored rice began to rot! Dr. Emote feels this experiment provides an important lesson. The worst rice sample was the one that was ignored. The same can be said in Our daily lives when dealing with children. Ignoring our children is the worst thing we can do. Even if we have to scold them occasionally, communication is very important. We should always converse with them and encourage them because ignoring them can cause great harm. In another experiment, Dr. Emote took a glass of Tokyo tap water that seemed unable to form crystals and performed a test. Participants placed the glass in the center of their circle and were asked to send gratitude to the water. Studying the water under a microscope, they begin to see a crystal formation. It revealed how the gratitude sent by the group transformed the tap water. The crystal continued to grow, expressing the energies received. The tap water from Tokyo finally produced a beautiful crystal! Love tremendously increases the energy and harmony of water, while aggression and anger decrease and reduce water’s harmony. 

Everything we feel, hear or see combines light, sound, electromagnetic, and many other waves. Every life form, be it a germ, an insect, animal, or human being, perceives them differently in their own strictly defined range. Only water can absorb the entire range of frequencies that exist in nature and become either living or dead under their influence. The average person consumes 16,000 gallons of water in a lifetime. That vast stream of chemical and structural information is passed through our bodies. We receive ten times the acceptable chlorine concentration when we bathe or shower. Chlorine in the water displaces oxygen. When chlorine burns off the bacteria, it removes the fire of life from the water. Water burning is oxidation by oxygen of water. What is the product of this burning? Again, water and oxygen. There is no other substance that, after burning, stays itself. It’s only water. Because any burning combines oxygen with fuel. The boiling of water combines oxygen with water. The product of this burning, again, is water and oxygen. Burning is a special property of living water, distinguishing it from dead water. Burning is the ability to eliminate harmful matter with its power. Scientists have studied numerous municipal water samples and did not find this natural burning phenomenon. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov tested water in commercial bottles, which producers labeled as the best water in the world. The water had no life. 

The US estimates it would require an additional $30 billion annually to provide safe, clean drinking water to the entire planet. Worldwide, $100 billion is spent annually on bottled water. Glass is a natural element of the Earth. The water interacts with this element in our nature. Plus, the glass wall is smooth and when the water comes in contact with it becomes more harmonized, so in principle, water can be stored in glass bottles for an infinite time. When water is stored in plastic (a chemical), it can penetrate the plastic slowly. Plus, the wall of the bottle is not smooth, and the water becomes more and more chaotic. 

Most people do not sense the difference between naturally pure and artificially purified water. But any animal will always choose water from a spring because this water is loaded with natural energies. 

When scientists studied this high mountain environment in places where water is known for its healing properties, like Lourdes in France, they made an important discovery. They found the pH level of these waters was highly ionized and very alkaline. Alkaline water significantly improves hydration because it is easier for the body to absorb. 

Dr. G. Patrick

Our life span is directly proportional to the number of antioxidants we have in our body, says Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan, a scientist and founder of PHI Sciences in the US. Water is an important carrier of antioxidants. If you drink water with large quantities of hydrogen along with the right surface tension and mineral content, then it will slow down the aging process and keep the mitochondria from dying, providing us with the energy of life. And so, we can expect to live longer. Essentially, it is said that we should live to be about 120 years old, but we often die long before that, so no one dies of natural causes if they die younger. They die of dehydration. 

Vladimir Volkov  

Vladimir Volkov, a doctor of sciences and a professor of biology in Russia explains what acidic pH is. What is acid? Acid is devoid of free electrons. What is alkaline? Alkaline is full of electrons. So our body should be slightly alkaline. What that means is our body should contain enough electrons or hydrogen atoms that will combine with oxygen. If we are acidic, then oxygen flows in and flows out unused. If you don’t have fuel, oxygen is useless. pH is a very important factor in overall health. To remain in balance, the body has to maintain its pH level because we’re continuously generating acid wastes. When we eat, nutrients are transported to our cells and then burnt with oxygen resulting in waste products that are almost always acidic. In a healthy body, our blood picks up these wastes and carries them through the liver, kidneys, colon, or skin before removal. But worry, poor sleep and food choices, and environmental challenges limit our body’s ability to remove acidic waste quickly enough. So the body compensates and transforms acidic waste-waste to solid waste storing the solid waste in less dangerous areas like arteries and especially fat tissues. 

When red blood cells lose their electrical charge, they stick together in a formation called a rouleaux. When you drink structured water, the cells become buoyant, slippery, and electrically charged, so they repel each other, allowing them to carry oxygen, and changing the pH of the blood. This is amazing that just drinking water can do that! One way to counteract acidity is by drinking alkaline water. We can measure the benefits clinically with a new technology called poly-interference photography. It analyzes the body using light analysis technology. A study volunteer had been drinking mostly sodas on a regular basis. The doctor notes that the participant suffers severe congestion in the areas around the liver, pancreas, and spleen, along with migraines and headaches. The volunteer is asked to drink only alkaline water for five days and return for a follow-up exam. The scan showed that the areas of congestion or blockages are shrinking in size and have begun to clear, and the volunteer confirms that he has not suffered migraines since drinking the alkaline water. In using live blood analysis, we can see how just drinking alkaline water improved the cellular environment of the blood. The participant continued drinking good water for two months. During that interval, he lost a total of 20 pounds and gained leaner muscle mass. 

Experiment - McGill University   

There was an experiment done at McGill University in Canada in which the goal was to see if water that had been prayed over and blessed would stimulate the growth of young seedlings more than plants watered with water that had not been blessed and prayed over. The plants that had been prayed over and blessed had a more vigorous growth rate. Consistently we see around the world how water seems to play a major role in healing. We know that water is a recorder of frequency, and we also know from a great deal of evidence that thoughts create a frequency and that water is a recorder of those frequencies. People and food are mostly water. Anything alive is mostly water. So, if all of these things are picking up and embedding our thoughts, what is it we are thinking? If we approach the water with good thoughts or bless it and say thank you to it, the quality of the water will improve, and the water will have a positive effect and the body. 

Water - Religious & Spiritual Origins  

If you go to the Bible, Rigveda, or other sources of the origins of water, it’s very interesting that water was not created. In the Bible, in the first verses of Genesis, there is no word about the creation of water. And all other religions talk about water as non-created. No matter the faith, a person must be clean to stand before the creator. Water is an intermediary that connects humans with their source. The Jews have ablutions and mikvehs. The Muslims wash before ritual prayers. In Christianity, water is the foundation for baptism. Sincere prayers from any major religion can have a positive effect on water. Masaru Emoto stated when positive information was given to water, such as mantras or words from holy books, no matter the religious faith, it formed beautiful crystals. By the summer of 1991, there had been no rainfall in Israel for two years. The water in the country’s only freshwater lake, Lake Kinneret, had fallen 15 centimeters below the critical level. 10,000 Israelis gathered at the Wailing Wall to pray for rain. On the third day, the rain came down on the country in torrents. 

Changing States of Water

In melting from its frozen state, water deletes all information from its memory, retaining only one program: the program for life. Everything in nature’s perfection has been created in accordance with this program. Whoever created this world transmitted the program of life to every living creature through the water. 

The phenomenon of structural memory enables water to take an impression of everything that happens around it and to connect all living systems together. And each one of us is a link in an endless chain of this transfer of information. But in addition, each of us is also a source of information. Every one of our actions, a thought, an emotion, an uttered work separates us and becomes part of the overall informational environment. Informational dirt is poisoning the water, accumulating layer by layer in its memory. If this process should continue endlessly, the water would lose its ability to support life. But it is endowed with a self-cleansing capacity. This occurs at the moment of phase transition, when it evaporates and then condenses and falls as rain or when it melts from a frozen state shaking off the informational grime. Water always reserves its secret; that is the program for life. 

Is it possible the laws of the universe are written in water? 

Remember, in melting from its frozen state, water deletes all information from its memory, retaining only one program, life. Everything in nature’s perfection has been created in accordance with this program. The arrangement of leaves on a branch, the petals on a flower, the intricate form of a snail’s shell, the DNA molecule, and the universe. It transpires that those who created this world transmitted the program of life to every living creature through the water. The phenomenon of structural memory enables water to take an impression of everything that happens around it and to connect all living systems together. And each one of us is a link in an endless chain of this transfer of information. In addition, each of us is a source of information. Every one of our actions - a thought, an emotion, an uttered word – separates from us and becomes part of the overall informational environment. But it is endowed with a self- cleansing capacity when it evaporates and falls as rain or when it melts from its frozen state shaking off the informational grime. All information about life is contained in water. If we destroy this information, we shall destroy ourselves. 

Dr. Emoto’s numerous experiments aimed at finding the word that structures water most beautifully has shown that it is not just one word, but a combination of two: love and gratitude.

Written by Teresa Ducoffe.

Teresa Ducoffe |Owner Atlanta Colonic & Massage Spa


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